Coming to an end?

Tomorrow is the last day of class and it feels so bittersweet! 1 essay, 1 presentation and 2 finals to go and I’m done with my junior year. Time went by so fast. I remember coming into PhilaU as a freshmen not knowing anything 3 years ago. Now, PhilaU is a part of my life and I honestly don’t want to leave. I’ve built a family within this community and I love being a part of this culture. The highlights of being at PhilaU so far are:
-Graduating from the Emerging Leaders Program.
-Meeting my roommates.
-Getting promoted to Student Supervisor at my work-study job.
-Interning at Aso Damisi.
-And recently being selected to be on the board of Styleline to be in charged of PR and Social Media.

I’ve gotten a lot of opportunities being at PhilaU and I know there’s a lot more coming my way! When I came here, I didn’t know who I really was, I was still trying to find myself. It was hard to express myself and I find myself being hard to connect with the people here. I’ve grown so much with the help of PhilaU. Now, I’m more confident and motivated with my experience here. It was hard going to the same school as my boyfriend and we went through many ups and downs but I’m glad that we can always manage to get through our problems. A lot of people look down on people who are in a relationship during college because they believe in experiencing the “college life” but I feel like having a boyfriend in college is a positive thing because we motivate each other.

I only have 1 more year for my undergrad and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me!


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