Rachel Zoe- NYFW Spring 2014

Rachel Zoe showcased her collection at New York Fashion Week this past week and this whole collection just makes me smile. There are so many different textures and elements in the collection, yet everything seem balance and just right. Yes again, I LOVE neutrals and I think that it just makes the garment look a lot more sophisticated. Zoe added mediums such as lace, denim, stripes, leather and glitter but she used all of those elements in such an amazing way that it doesn’t look like an arts and craft project. The tan glittery crop top and loose bottom is one of my favorites! The garment is so loose and effortless looking, but with the added sparkle, the whole look is completely different; It looks expensive and very chic. This entire collection is very wearable and I really feel like Zoe just took fashion to a whole new level. Even though the majority of the garments are neutral colors such as tan, black and white, I love how Zoe added the hint color to the collection with the hint of baby blue and olive green. I also love the way she styled her models with the messy up-do with the thought out heels for each look. The models look fresh, clean and the make-up is also very natural -looking. All of the looks are so different, yet it’s so easy to see that they’re all from the same designer in the same collection. Zoe did a really good job executing this collection!

h-623_w-360-18 h-623_w-360-19h-623_w-360-13 h-623_w-360-14 h-623_w-360-3 h-623_w-360-17 h-623_w-360-8 h-623_w-360-4 h-623_w-360-9 h-623_w-360-12 h-623_w-360-15 h-623_w-360-10 h-623_w-360-16 h-623_w-360-2 h-623_w-360-5 h-623_w-360-7 h-623_w-360-11 h-623_w-360-1 h-623_w-360-6 h-623_w-360

Photo Credit: http://www.mbfashionweek.com/designers/rachel_zoe



BCBGMAXAZRIA- NYFW Spring 2014 I’m sooo in love!

This collection is so ME! I love every garment of this collection and I would love to wear them all! This past week, BCBGMAXAZRIA showcased their Spring 2014 collection at New York Fashion Week and let me just say, I fell in love all over again. The BCBGMAXAZRIA brand is just simply elegant, chic and sophisticated. I love the structured yet flowly elements and the added florals just made it perrrfect! Besides the garments, the stylist is just effortless. The semi-wavy hair and the natural and clean make-up just complete the look with the added neutral accessories. I kinda like the fact that the models aren’t wearing any jewelry. The lack of jewelry is actually brilliant, because the garments are speaking for themselves. The models just look so put-together and I really LOVE the neutral colors; It really define my aesthetic as a fashionista.

h-623_w-360-10 h-623_w-360-19 h-623_w-360-3 h-623_w-360-7 h-623_w-360-15 h-623_w-360-16 h-623_w-360-18 h-623_w-360-1 h-623_w-360-8 h-623_w-360-4 h-623_w-360-14 h-623_w-360-17 h-623_w-360-13 h-623_w-360-12 h-623_w-360-5 h-623_w-360-11 h-623_w-360-6 h-623_w-360-2 h-623_w-360 h-623_w-360-9

Photo Credit: http://www.mbfashionweek.com/designers/bcbgmaxazria

Mathieu Mirano at NYFW Spring 2014

This collection by Mathieu Mirano at New York Fashion Week really made a good impression on me with the bold statement that he made regarding the exposure and emphasis on the BOOBS! With this collection, Mirano created his garments with a lot of different textures and fabrics, including leather, mesh, lace and metallics. The silhouette is modern and the execution was great being that he wanted to stand out. Your eyes can’t help but immediately stare at the chest of the garment and it just captures you in. Besides the fact that I was intrigue with the design choice that Mirano did, I am very impress that he’s only 22 years young! Mirano has a educational background in fine arts, classical piano and design and at such a young age, he has built his image to be one of the most inspiring young designers out there! Mirano get his inspiration from composers and from his travel in Europe, Asia and Africa. Mirano launched his fall collection in 2012, which focuses on “soft femininity and hard structure”. Now, Mirano design for celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Nicole Richie and Gabrielle Union.


 This collection is simply amazing and very booblicious! It caught my attention right away and even though one may not think this is “wearable” I think Mirano really took a risk and it worked out beautifully! it’s just something about the hard structure that’s mixed with the soft fabric such as lace balanced out the garment and it just feels right.









This is actually my favorite look! I love the metallic bandeau that’s laying over top the lace. Again, it’s all about balance!





Photo Credit: http://www.mbfashionweek.com/designers/mathieu_mirano

New Trend: Pantaloons and the Dressy Sweatpants!

When we think of pantaloons we think back to the old days in the 19th century when men wore baggy trousers that were gathered at the ankle. Nowadays, we have our new and re-designed pantaloons are are very on trend which are also know as the “dressy sweatpants.” We usually associate sweatpants as a loose trouser with an drawstring waist that is used for manly exercising and leisurewear but now we see sweatpants as also being a dressy apparel. It’s the way a person style the pantaloons sweatpants that make it either lounge-wear or dressy. These pantaloons sweatpants are seen on the runway usually paired with high heels and structured tops such as blazers and trench jackets. You can find these pantaloons sweatpants anywhere from Forever 21 to high-end designers such a Phillip Lim and Michael Kors from $17 to $98.


Coastal Scents 22 Piece Brush Set

Late week I order the Coastal Scents 22 Piece Brush set on Amazon.com for $37. Initially, I got this because all of my make-up brushes were old and I didn’t have a lot of variety. Before buying anything, I always do some research so I decided to look for some reviews of the brushes on Youtube and a lot of girls said that it was really worth it so I gave it a shot and ordered it.


I made a very good idea to get the brushes because I am in love with them! The quality of the brushes are really good and there’s a lot of different types of brushes. And it came with a bag for you to store your brushes and take it anywhere you want. Plus, it was so affordable!

Us U.S-The Co-Op Boutique

Us U.S is a fashion co-op boutique that is brought together by local designers in Philadelphia. The boutique is located downtown Philly near Old City at 3rd and Arch street. The designers here all have a different aesthetic which makes the boutique very unique. There are a lot of variety at the boutique, from ready-to-wear to high fashion. I got the chance to intern for one of the brand here, Aso Damisi. Their collection is inspired by African prints that is designed for the modern, sophisticated and chic women. So if you’re in Philly and want to find sonethig very unique and different, stop by the boutique!