Mathieu Mirano at NYFW Spring 2014

This collection by Mathieu Mirano at New York Fashion Week really made a good impression on me with the bold statement that he made regarding the exposure and emphasis on the BOOBS! With this collection, Mirano created his garments with a lot of different textures and fabrics, including leather, mesh, lace and metallics. The silhouette is modern and the execution was great being that he wanted to stand out. Your eyes can’t help but immediately stare at the chest of the garment and it just captures you in. Besides the fact that I was intrigue with the design choice that Mirano did, I am very impress that he’s only 22 years young! Mirano has a educational background in fine arts, classical piano and design and at such a young age, he has built his image to be one of the most inspiring young designers out there! Mirano get his inspiration from composers and from his travel in Europe, Asia and Africa. Mirano launched his fall collection in 2012, which focuses on “soft femininity and hard structure”. Now, Mirano design for celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Nicole Richie and Gabrielle Union.


 This collection is simply amazing and very booblicious! It caught my attention right away and even though one may not think this is “wearable” I think Mirano really took a risk and it worked out beautifully! it’s just something about the hard structure that’s mixed with the soft fabric such as lace balanced out the garment and it just feels right.









This is actually my favorite look! I love the metallic bandeau that’s laying over top the lace. Again, it’s all about balance!





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