Rachel Zoe- NYFW Spring 2014

Rachel Zoe showcased her collection at New York Fashion Week this past week and this whole collection just makes me smile. There are so many different textures and elements in the collection, yet everything seem balance and just right. Yes again, I LOVE neutrals and I think that it just makes the garment look a lot more sophisticated. Zoe added mediums such as lace, denim, stripes, leather and glitter but she used all of those elements in such an amazing way that it doesn’t look like an arts and craft project. The tan glittery crop top and loose bottom is one of my favorites! The garment is so loose and effortless looking, but with the added sparkle, the whole look is completely different; It looks expensive and very chic. This entire collection is very wearable and I really feel like Zoe just took fashion to a whole new level. Even though the majority of the garments are neutral colors such as tan, black and white, I love how Zoe added the hint color to the collection with the hint of baby blue and olive green. I also love the way she styled her models with the messy up-do with the thought out heels for each look. The models look fresh, clean and the make-up is also very natural -looking. All of the looks are so different, yet it’s so easy to see that they’re all from the same designer in the same collection. Zoe did a really good job executing this collection!

h-623_w-360-18 h-623_w-360-19h-623_w-360-13 h-623_w-360-14 h-623_w-360-3 h-623_w-360-17 h-623_w-360-8 h-623_w-360-4 h-623_w-360-9 h-623_w-360-12 h-623_w-360-15 h-623_w-360-10 h-623_w-360-16 h-623_w-360-2 h-623_w-360-5 h-623_w-360-7 h-623_w-360-11 h-623_w-360-1 h-623_w-360-6 h-623_w-360

Photo Credit: http://www.mbfashionweek.com/designers/rachel_zoe



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