Project Runway Winner: Dom Streater

Dom Streater is the winner of Project Runway season 12!


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From the very beginning of Project Runway, Dom Streater caught my eyes, not just because she’s from our very hometown Philadelphia but also because she was such an interesting and creative designer to watch. She caught my attention with her use of prints and colors and the fact that she was just so confident, yet humble. I watched Dom grew stronger and stronger every week on Project Runway and I wasn’t surprised when she had the spot to show at the Mercedes Benz fashion week. I was so eager and anxious to see what she would do for her collection. Dom drew and created her own prints that she incorporated into her collection featuring wearable dresses and jumpsuits. Her collection definitely made a statement and it was so eye-catching with the pop of colors. This season was definitely harder and more challenging for the designers since they had to incorporate an unconventional piece and a “washable” piece to promote Tide’s Washable Fashion. Dom definitely took the challenge and executed it very well. She used metal hardware and window screens to create her unconventional look and it looked so elegant! It’s so amazing to see a local Philadelphian win Project Runway; it just makes me so proud of my city! With the $150,000 cash prize, I can’t wait to see what Dom will create for her next collection!


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