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Loreal Paris Lumi Cushion Foundation Review

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Okay, when I first saw this foundation on Youtube being reviewed, I thought the idea of the “Cushion” was really cool and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! I found it at Walgreens for about $17 or $18, which I thought was kind of pricey for a drugstore foundation but I bought it anyway. The shades came in 3 different color tones: Warm-for those who looks good in gold jewelry, Cool-for those who looks good in silver jewelry and Neutral-for those who looks good in both gold and silver jewelry. I really wanted to get a Neutral shade but Walgreens ran out so I had to settle for a Warm tone. I ended playing the guessing game with the different Warm shades and got “W5” Which I regret, because it’s way too light for me, but for review purposes, we made it work.

Loreal Paris Claims: 

  • A fresh luminous glow in a tap.
  • An innovative sponge drenched in liquid foundation.
  • Tap a little for a fresh luminous glow, tap on more to build a new level of luminous coverage.
  • Formulated with Precise Match Technology to match your skin’s tone and texture.
  • Available in 12 true-to-skin shades.
  • Finish: fresh and luminous.
  • Skin type: for all skin types. Safe for sensitive skin.

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Here, you can see my face without any make-up what-so-ever, which is very surprising of me to post because I’m very insecure with my face because of my acne scars. But overall, my face is oily-combination and acne-prone, so I usually go for a foundation with medium to full coverage, which is NOT the Lumi Cushion Foundation at all- it has a sheer to medium coverage.

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I saw some reviews of the applicator and people said that it was too big to fit 2 fingers but too small to fit 3 fingers. In my case, I can fit 3 fingers but it was still hard to maneuver and control. I like the way the pad felt on my skin and using “padding motions” to apply did make a difference in the coverage.


So like i said before, I picked up the wrong shade for my skin but I applied the foundation on half of my face to see the finish and coverage of it and boy did I freak out. Besides me looking like half a ghost, the foundation had a very dewy finish, which I really don’t like because it makes me look oily and that’s not a good thing for acne-prone skin. I mean I get the fact that the claim says its supposed to be “LUMINOUS” but I didn’t expect it to be this glowy. For some people yeah they might like it, but it wasn’t for me.

zQyxhN1453441410 copy

After setting it with a darker shade of powder, the shade looks a little more bearable now. Even though you can see the difference with my jaw-line and my face-ughs its ugly. But this foundation alone is not good and must be set with powder, unless you want to look like an oily mess.

OmRCKT1453441492 copy

And now the fished face! After a lot of powder and bronzer, I made it work. Whewwww.

xjzsyZ1453441554 copy

And now a close up with flash. As you can see, the finish of the foundation is definitely “Luminous” like it claims, but it’s really not for me. Here are some pro’s and con’s.


  • I love the packaging and the pad was really soft on the skin.
  • The “cushion” idea is really cool! Less mess when applying it.
  • It’s some-what easy to apply, but they really gotta do something with the size of the applicator to comfortably fit the right amount of fingers.


  • Expensive for a drugstore foundation.
  • Way too dewy and luminous for me.
  • I broke-out the next day! 😦