Forever 21 Beauty Wipes & Masks

I was really surprised with the quality and cute packaging of these products. I would never thought to buy any beauty products from Forever 21 but I fell in love with the packaging- I mean, just look at it; it looks too luxurious and not like it came from F21 at all! And they were so affordable compared to other wipes and masks I’ve seen at drugstores. I will definitely go back for more!

  • Love & Beauty Lavender Sheet Mask for Oily Skin ( toning with tea tree oil & papaya extract) $1.00
  • Love & Beauty Tea Tree Oil Sheet Mask for Blemished Skin. $1.00
  • Love & Beauty Mango Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask. $1.90
  • Revitalizing Grapefruit Wipes (30 wipes) $2.90
  • Soothing Green Tea Wipes (30 wipes) $2.90